Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have other blogs about weight loss, recipes, and teaching... but I don't have one for my oldest child, Conner.

This blog will be all about my oldest of three children, Conner.

Conner is currently 5 years old and just started Kindergarten.

Back when Conner was about 2 or a little older, we started having problems with him at his daycare.  I knew from my experience at home with him, that he was a tough child.  He always destroyed everything he played with, he never really "played" with toys and seemed to advance quite early in everything he did.  (thinking about it now, maybe I never gave him toys that were challenging enough for him) 

So, at his daycare they just kept moving him up to the older kids before he was old enough to be with that age group.  He seemed to do better but still had problems behaving.

I had been told over and over by family and friends that "he's young, he's a boy, he'll grow out of it."

Well... he never really has grown out of his bad behavior and we started noticing more and more things different about him.

He hates loud noises (won't even flush the toilet), gets overwhelemed in large groups, and is very defient.  There is more to Conner but that can all be discussed at a later time (when I don't have a 2 year old screaming in my ear- the 2nd child, Lauren).

Well, the owner of his daycare at the time was/is a special ed teacher.  The co-owner at the time has a child with Aspergers (I think).  I think Conner was about 3 or maybe a little older, when they mentioned to me that Conner seems to have the tendencies of a child with Aspergers. 

I thought about having him tested but kept putting it off because of everyone telling me that he would grow out of it or that things would get better when he started kindergarten.

He started kindergarten this year and hasn't grown out of his behaviors.

I will post more about everything later... for now I'm going to go deal with my "DIVA" daughter and make some dinner.

(I have posted some on another blog that I'll just copy and paste in a different post... so there might be some of the same things said.)

This will be a blog about Conner's journey to get tested, and his treatment for possible Aspergers.